Letting Go….

Three years study at Loughborough University culminated in Connecting Threads….an interactive installation piece based on the cotton mills and canals of the Midlands and Lancashire. I lived and breathed this piece for the best part of 2 years; researching, developing ideas, learning new skills…

It was later displayed at both Cromford Mills in Derbyshire and Charnwood Museum in Loughborough…

Connecting Threads

I loved this piece; I loved all the research, the history, the experimenting, the frustrations….and even though it has long since been dismantled and packed away, it still feels like mine…

On graduating, and without the back up and support of the university, the equipment, technology and skills of their technicians, I found it very difficult to carry on with this type of installation; funding was a big issue and it seemed to be the usual story of ‘needing a track record to get funding, but you need to create to get a track record’ – chicken and egg stuff….

So I returned to my first love of drawing, painting, mark making…I love making marks, experimenting with mediums, trying to imbue my work with a sense of energy along with my emotional response to a subject…. and I am starting to feel as if I am finding ‘my voice’. I am always surprised when someone else likes my voice too….. Slowly, very slowly, I am making a slight inroad into making my art pay for itself…and that means selling work…and therein lies a dilemma….

Some work I am happy to sell, but others, the ones I really love…. I find it such a wrench…

‘Bowed But Not Broken’ was one of the first pieces I sold through Blue Owl Art – I had an real emotional attachment to this one, having gone through some difficult times so it was hard to say goodbye to it…

‘Norfolk Memories’ was another work that I loved, along with ‘Cei Bach’…

….and again, it was hard to see them go…

Now, preparing for The Melbourne Festival, I am faced with the same dilemma…letting go of the work I don’t just like, but love….

How do you cope with letting go….?





7 thoughts on “Letting Go….

  1. Beautifully transcribed into words… bearing your vulnerability transferring it into amazing works sharing humanity by stripping down … letting go touching another’s soul … moving on to grow even more … evolving… ❤️ Because You Are

  2. I can see why. And huge admiration for your persistence in working with art. I went back to teaching English after a Visual Art degree as a mature student as it was just so tough. I loved setting up a site specific installation but there’s no money in it unless you’re established & starving artist is overrated! The wonderful thing about photos is that you can keep a record of your work despite letting it go. And if you didn’t love it, it wouldn’t be good enough 👍

    1. Thx….yes you’re right about the site specific stuff and starving artist…! I keep persisting and get a few sales here and there….part of that is me, in that I should be better at marketing….🙄
      And yes…if I didn’t love the work then it wouldn’t be good enough….just have to look at the photos and remind myself ‘I can do this…’ 😊

      1. I might have written that myself! The ‘art’ is the easy bit! Self-promotion, marketing, believing, selling – that’s where the work begins. Good luck. I really like your work. Hopefully I’ll be in the right place at the right time one day to see an exhibition.

      2. Yes…social media is great for discovering people…but it’s always fabulous to actually ‘meet’ in person…..one day!

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