Friday Round Up…..

Well it’s Friday…and the glorious autumnal weather of earlier in the week – early morning mist, blue skies, golden and russet leaves, luscious berries – has given way to wind and rain, grey skies…definitely a day to hunker down indoors, coffee pot gurgling, radio on…..

After posting my daily ramble..

I thought I would take stock and look at what I have done this week… I had produced a lot of work for the Melbourne Art Trail and after that was over I had a couple of weeks break…a time to recharge the batteries…but when I picked up my brushes again it was a case of ‘what now?’ I felt as if I should move on, develop new work…but what…

I am learning that this is all part of my process – I flounder about, dabbling at this and that, until suddenly I alight upon a colour combination or find myself inspired by a feature of the landscape – and start exploring…

….working across several images at once in an attempt to stop me from fiddling…

The inspiration for this work is memories of my rural childhood in Lincolnshire, especially the winter palette of ploughed fields and big skies…

I also began exploring different compositions; either four small works or two portrait ones…

….and as usual, I have become obsessed with the colours – Payne’s Grey, a touch of Indigo and Sepia..

….producing quite a lot of ‘variations on a theme’….

I have also been experimenting with a Winsor and Newton Professional watercolour stick (Sepia)….

It can be applied in a variety of ways; drawing with it, shaving off small flecks directly into water, taking pigment from the stick with a wet brush…it’s proving very versatile….so much so, I think I will have to treat myself to some more…in different colours…

When gathered together, it was amazing to see how much work I had produced….

….feels like the start of a whole new body of work…a small success…now if only I could feel the same sense of achievement with regards to the business side of things..

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