What’s In A Name…..?

Where the Wind Sings - Carolyn J Roberts artist

‘Where the Wind Sings’

I could have sold this piece twice over at the Melbourne Festival – as it was, it went to a lovely lady from North Wales…who loved it on first sight. She grew to love it even more when she read the title – ‘Where the Wind Sings’… I think that the title evoked memories of her favourite places, of being in the landscape…of that experience of sensing the wind singing and dancing it’s way along over the hills…

Although it is primarily about the artwork, the titles of my work are also important to me…just as a painting/print/sculpture etc can conjure up ideas, memories and feelings, words are as evocative…

Lines, Levels & Lapwing Cries - Carolyn J Roberts artist

Lines, Levels & Lapwing Cries

(Available through Blue Owl Art)

The above image is inspired by my childhood spent on a Lincolnshire farm; ploughed fields, furrows, ridges of potatoes…the call of the lapwing….and, in my head at least, the above title evokes those memories for me…

Whenever I create, whether that be just doodling, experimenting or working more seriously, I always have some thought, idea, emotion, or experience in mind, consciously or subconsciously… these studies were inspired by the tidal mudflats of the Menai Straits…

Carolyn J Roberts

….and ‘Field of Gold’ below (available on my website www.carolynjrobertsartist.co.uk) is again, inspired by my childhood and the fields of wheat and barley that surrounded me…

Field of Gold Carolyn J Roberets artist

I know, I know, the art should stand alone, say whatever the artist intended, that the viewer will be drawn to the work and the name is probably inconsequential, but for me, the art and title are intertwined, one complementing the other, working to create a piece that captures my interpretation and impression of ‘place’…

Inspiration comes from descriptive words I jot down in my notebook when in the landscape, from song lyrics, snippets, overheard comments, quotes and poetry;

‘Murmurous sedge stands sentinel

as jack snipe bubble in the fen

in feathered hauberks, crouched

near dawn. Flown, the rock doves

from barrow and cairn.

A masterpiece of wrens.’

Sequestrum – Susan Lynch

….or ‘…But the wind comes whispering in between…’ by Sara Teasdale…

or…’…bringing all things the bright dawn has scattered with its rain, dusk whirlwinds funnelling its grapevine slammed with snow’…World as Studio – Susan G Wooldridge…

The finished work will always dictate the title…but I always try to choose one that echoes the feeling of the piece…

…. and I have my thinking cap on at the moment, deciding on titles for a new, small series that I have been working on….here is a sneaky look at one of them…


Carolyn J Roberts artist


I will be adding them to my website soon…but am thinking of letting my email subscribers have first dibs….so if you want early notifications sign up using the link at the top right hand side of this page….






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