Different Medium…Same Old Fears….

Inspired by my recent three day workshop with Lewis Noble at the St. John Street Gallery in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, I have been experimenting with acrylic paints….although I have a few acrylic paintings on my website, I am not very confident in its use…. I took the workshop because a)  I am an admirer of Lewis’s work and b) I thought it might encourage me to give the medium a more serious go…..

Having taped up a sheet of Cass Art mixed media paper – (quite heavy at 250gsm), I added initial layers of  paint with an old ‘credit’ card…

Carolyn J roberts artist

….for some reason I feel more confident with the card than using a brush – I tell myself it’s because I know I will make more mess with a brush and as I work in the back bedroom, that’s not an ideal prospect – really, it’s an excuse; in my head, if I produce ‘rubbish’ I can blame it on the card…whereas if I used a brush I would have no excuses…go figure…!!

Anyhow…on I went, adding more layers of paint – mainly Daler Rowney and Winsor & Newton…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

..until I reached this stage…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

I like working in a series like this, with the same palette; the thinking being, that by the time I reach the bottom right square, I will have loosened up enough so as to be painting more loosely, more intuitively, instead of concentrating on what I think I should be doing (whatever that is….)….and although these are just experimental, I usually end up with one or two efforts that I like…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

A new day, a fresh sheet of paper…. a slightly different palette…

Carolyn J Roberts artist….and all of a sudden I find myself relaxing, just having fun…and then I become aware that there are several of these small squares that I quite like – in fact, really like…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

…. and I find myself beginning to tighten up, thinking of all those ‘what ifs’, the same old fears…. so for now, I am going to leave this sheet and move on…try another…eventually I will get the hang of the medium, but I don’t think those ‘fears’ will ever go away completely…the trick is to acknowledge them….and try anyway…


(Apologies for the quality of some of the photos….it’s been difficult to get decent shots because of the dull weather….)

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