Feels Like March…..

‘With rushing winds and gloomy skies,

the dark and stubborn Winter dies.’

Bayard Taylor

With all the gales we have been experiencing lately, the weather certainly feels more in keeping with mad March winds rather than February…and recent heavy rain has seen the river swell which…

Carolyn J Roberts artist River Soar

….combined with the cutting down of the reeds and rushes on the far bank, has seen it’s flow increase….

….sweeping away all the debris…..as well as the nest a pair of swans was constructing on a promontory of rushes…I tried taking their photo but I think they were so disgruntled at the destruction of their home, they paddled furiously after me, ”chuffing’ their annoyance…. I didn’t loiter….

This last week has seen me have a break from the usual studio routine…life has a habit of taking over at times…

I did however, manage to pop over to Blue Owl Art gallery last week for the opening of their new exhibition ‘Butterflies and Nets’ by artist Linda Holloway…. The work on show was a recognition of the altering and diverse state of mental health….

Mainly pen and ink, with additional watercolour and the odd oil painting for good measure, the work is an exploration of our human frailties and fragility…there were certainly pieces that I am sure we could all empathise with at times…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

Carolyn J Roberts artist

….unravelling minds portrayed with fine lines, figures caught in nets, lines representing neural pathways which sometimes break and need re-wiring…

….and memories, that recede with time, becoming more fragile…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

Carolyn J Roberts artistCarolyn J Roberts artistCarolyn J Roberts artist

Carolyn J Roberts artist

A timely exhibition, mental health is one of the issues of the 21st century; one that affects us all, either directly or indirectly…..and Linda has captured the complexities of the mind in her thought provoking, beautiful work. The exhibition runs until May and is well worth a visit…but do hurry…lots of red dots appeared during the evening!!

Hopefully, from tomorrow, my usual routine will resume…but for now, keep warm, be kind to each other and to yourself….

‘May your heart

always be kind

even though

the world out there

could shatter you

for being kind.

It is kindness that makes you brave.’

Najwa Zebian



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