On The Up…..Slowly…

‘The moods of a river change from hour to hour and day to day. It can be still and serene as a glassy mirror, reflecting the clouds that pass over it and the trees on it’s banks. Or, when a light breeze springs up, the surface of the river may be broken into little diamond lights reflecting the distant sun’ – Ernie Lyons

Recent rain has seen the river level rise, submerging ‘my’ patch of reeds…ripples and shimmers on the glassy mirror, noisy crows arguing in the tree tops, clatter of ladders, voices carried on the wind…changing moods…

Regular readers will know that I have been struggling, having a ‘creative block’, ‘lost my mojo’; call it what you will, it only served to heighten my self-doubt….but stepping away for a week, taking time out to reflect, read, think…get some perspective… I am slowly beginning to work my way out of the ‘low’ I had found myself in…

A couple of new purchases…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

….and a dabble with materials I am not so familiar with…namely acrylics….no pressure, no expectations…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

Carolyn J Roberts artist

Carolyn J Roberts artist

….definitely no expectations as I am no expert with acrylics; there is not enough contrast in tone or brushstroke and the composition – well suffice to say, not exactly what I was going for…but I had fun… for some reason, I always get in more of a mess with acrylics….but is just felt good to have paint splattered fingers…

So I have carried on mark making with graphite pencil, charcoal and Art Graf.. trying to get my arm moving, varying the tones and quality of the marks…but without overthinking…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

Carolyn J Roberts artist

Carolyn J Roberts artist

‘Rivers know this: there is no hurry.

We shall get there some day.’

A. A. Milne


2 thoughts on “On The Up…..Slowly…

  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I too have been in a slow creative time. Our winter has been a cold one here in NW Oregon, and my poor little studio takes for ever to heat up and thats just getting the chill off. Needless to say I haven’t done any big art. I have turned to my sketch books for drawing and doodling with paint, gel pens and graphite in the house!
    I enjoy your blog, you are inspiring me to get out my watercolors and inks and make some splash. I gave it up years ago because I couldn’t control the paint so picked up acrylics. But now sometimes I want to let the paint do it’s thing, not like acrylics as you are finding out lately. I do follow you on IG and look forward to more feed.
    So, get that arm moving and get your muse back on track. I will do the same. She is there and maybe a bit frozen from our winters :>)
    Looking forward to your next post,
    Jodi Dann

    1. Hi Jodi,
      I am sure our winters aren’t as cold as yours! ..we were lucky to have some fab springlike days a week or two ago…..which lifted the soul…now back to grey, grey, damp, blustery days…..but our clocks go forward at the end of the month…so lighter, longer days here we come!
      I am getting to know that my muse goes in rhythms, cycles…and I just have to weather the lows before finding my way again….but for now the playing, splashing paint around, reading, listening to podcasts etc is inspiring me and I am sure will somehow find their way into my work….
      Good luck with your art too!
      Thank you for taking an interest….best wishes!

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