‘We do not need anything or anyone but ourselves to validate our worth.

The stars still glow even if no one stops to praise it.

Rivers still continue to flow even if no one stops to praise it.

If no one recognises you, you must still continue to grow.

We are made of the same elements as these beautiful forms,

we are absolutely beautiful and tremendously strong,

just by being.

Remember this.’


I found this quote online but could not find the author…if you know, please let me know so I can acknowledge….. I find the words beautiful and the sentiment is a great reminder for me not to overthink, get too hung up…to keep growing…and boy have I needed reminding…

I have been struggling of late; lack of inspiration, lack of sales, loss of mojo…..all contributing to loss of self-confidence… The ‘just turn up in the studio and do something, anything’ strategy didn’t seem to work…I just ended up more frustrated and that, in turn,  became a vicious circle…. so I took time out; walking….

‘I go to nature

to be soothed

and healed

and to have

my sense

put in order.’

John Burroughs

….taking photographs, videos, reading….and slowly, along with the coming of Spring, I have begun to get back in the studio, making work, work that I am happy with, work that resonates with how I am feeling….

….and it’s just as well that I am making work again, because I have been accepted to participate in this year’s Belvoir Art Trail running over the weekend 3-6 May. I will be based at Blue Owl Art in Grantham, Lincolnshire where there is also a fantastic café and free parking…. I will be posting more information nearer the time so watch this space….and as always, it would be great to see some of you there!!

Acceptance onto the Trail has obviously spurred me on to prepare work, necessitating in an order to Jackson’s Art….consisting mainly of mountboard for this selection of mixed media I need to get ready….

Carolyn J Roberts artist

….but I managed to sneak in one or two treats…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

….. my preferred square Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook along with some Daniel Smith Indigo watercolour and a new shade – Daniel Smith Gray Titanium….

….and obviously any new colour requires experimentation…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

Carolyn J Roberts artist

….Gray Titanium is a warm grey with yellowish undertones; I can see it being very useful in my landscapes…. even though, with the addition of Winsor & Newton Granulation Fluid, it doesn’t granulate very much…

Several readers have asked what masking tape I use…and I have found the Kleenedge low tack masking tape good…

Carolyn J Roberts artist

…providing crisp, clean edges, lifting easily, and can be re-used, if only in my sketchbook…

I feel as if I am slowly awakening, finding my way, beginning to be inspired again, enjoying creating again….

Carolyn J Roberts artist

Carolyn J Roberts artist


‘To find your own way is to follow your bliss.

This involves analysis, watching yourself & seeing where real bliss is –

not the quick, little excitement but the real deep life-filling bliss.’

Joseph Campbell



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