Something for the Weekend…

‘Also at times, on the surface of streams,

Water bubbles form

And grow and burst

And have no meaning at all

Except that they’re water bubbles

Growing and bursting,’

Alberto Caeiro, ‘The Keeper of Sheep’

Life can seem overwhelming at times; advances in technology mean that we live in a 24/7 society…always able to access the latest news, always on call…always busy, busy, busy, and even if we’re not physically doing something, we are planning, organising, analysing…over-analysing…  If we say we are doing ‘nothing’ people assume we are bored, boring, out-of-work, lazy, idle, dull…insert your own description as you please…  Doing ‘nothing’ every now and again, is becoming less and less acceptable… And yet, and yet…I find the need to spend time doing ‘nothing’ increasingly necessary…

Carolyn J Roberts Artist

Having ‘focus’; work, plans and goals…and doing ‘nothing’; taking time to ‘switch off’ and ‘tune out’…are important, but it’s vital to achieve a balance…the difference between city and cabin…

“The city (regardless which one it is) does provide a certain degree of sophistication and intellectualism. It offers the challenge of professional matters. It throws new and interesting people in one’s path. There is a dynamic and an energy in cities which is diametric to the life-forces of the forest.

Still the cabin is the wellspring, the source, the hub of my existence. It gives me tranquillity, a closeness of nature and wildlife, good health and fitness, a sense of security, the opportunity for resourcefulness, reflection and creative thinking…” – Anne LaBastille

I find I do ‘nothing’ best when outdoors in nature; taking time out to sit, to unconsciously absorb the sights and sounds…and one area that looks a great place to do this leads me nicely to my ‘Instagram Artist of the Week’…Bisera…a media artist who posts the most wonderful images of Nova Scotia, Canada on their feed…

Bisera, Instagram feed


Bisera, Instagram feed

I love the moody black and white images of this maritime province…and I love the way both the grand vistas and the small details are given equal focus; from coastal scenes…

Bisera, Instagram feed ice…

Bisera, Instagram feed

and delicate cobwebs and seed heads…

Bisera, Instagram feed

Colour does play a part, but usually of a limited palette…which obviously appeals to me…


Bisera, Instagram feed



Bisera, Instagram feed

Wild, moody, windswept, atmospheric… colours I love…definitely a place to add to my ‘bucket list’…do go and check out their feed

And keeping in mind ‘wild landscapes’…my book this week is… ‘A Hebridean Notebook’ by Norman Ackroyd

One of my all time favourite artists, I was lucky enough to see his exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (now finished)… including wonderful prints and watercolours. This book provides a glimpse of his sketches, made in-situ; immediate, dynamic or calm, with an almost printerly (is that a word…?) quality about them…

Norman Ackroyd

Norman Ackroyd The book gives an insight into what inspires his work… and is just fabulous for looking through and dreaming, of wild spaces, wild places… and of course, of wishing that my sketchbooks looked like this…..(ha ha…if only!!)

A podcast I dip in and out of is ‘The Messy Studio‘ with artist Rebecca Crowell… A broad range of topics are covered; from the creative through to the business side of art, to interviews and insights with guest artists…Eclectic, topical, thoughtful, filled with suggestions and advice, all interspersed with anecdotes…you’re sure to find something of interest…

My own practice this week has consisted mainly of experiments and exploration…

Carolyn J Roberts Artist

…thoughts on my recent trip to Suffolk…

Carolyn J Roberts Artist

…ink experiments to reflect a moody, grey day…and the odd foray with acrylics…

Carolyn J Roberts Artist

…no real focus, but that’s okay…I know this time is not wasted; exploring with inks, watercolours and processes enables me to pinpoint what I really love – expressive mark making and line being one passion…and continuing to experiment with acrylics means that I am learning all the while how to handle this medium, adding another dimension…forever practicing, developing, evolving…

…and as the weekend approaches, it’s time for me to practice doing ‘nothing’..

‘You do not have to be a fire


every mountain blocking you.

You could be a water


soft river your way to freedom



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For now,

enjoy the weekend


take care…

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