Something for the Weekend…

Imbolc, the festival marking the coming of spring, occurred on February 1st this year, so we are well on our way, closer to the spring equinox than the winter solstice…

‘Spring drew on…and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which,

freshening daily, suggested the thought that Hope

traversed them at night, and left each morning brighter

traces of her steps,’

‘Jane Eyre’ – Charlotte Bronte

Also known as Brigid’s Day, Imbolc is a pagan festival celebrating light and fertility, and marks the start of the agricultural year – the earth begins to warm, lambing starts….the promise of light and warmth…an awakening after winter’s slumber…

Regular readers of these ‘Something for the Weekend’ blogs will be aware of my ‘Instagram Artist of the Week’ feature; so far I have highlighted 18 artists/photographers/ceramicists…all of whom caught my attention through their use of colour, mark-making, textures, materials etc….

This week’s ‘artist’, photographer Sarah Drury, appealed to me, not just because of her beautiful images, but also because of the subject matter of some of the photos….

Now I have an admission to make…my very first love was horses, way before art and all things creative, I was your typical pony mad girl…and I was lucky enough to eventually have my own pony…

Carolyn J Roberts Artist

…his name was ‘Three Wishes’…and he was fantastic… Only four when we got him, we learnt together…through many trials and errors, highs and lows…but he taught me such a lot…! On leaving school, I trained as a riding instructor…before life changed…and I followed a different path…

But I still retain my love of all things equine which brings me back to Sarah’s feed…

Sarah Drury
Sarah Drury

Sarah began riding at the age of 3, owned her own pony at 13, and was lucky enough to keep said pony for a further 23 years! Childhood holidays were spent in the New Forest where the ponies roam free…

Now working in the veterinary industry, and with teenagers to minister to, Sarah’s time is limited; she has however, always loved photography, teaching herself the techniques and processes, and over the past 4 years begun to take it more seriously…

She spends a lot of time on and around Exmoor, home to another of our native pony breeds…

Sarah Drury
Exmoor Pony – Sarah Drury
Sarah Drury
Exmoor Pony – Sarah Drury

Sarah cites Carys Jones, Liz Uribe and Kisa Kavas as her favourite equine photographers and, having checked their websites out, I can see why; their images are stunning…

However, it’s not just horses that capture her heart…

Sarah Drury
Highland Cow on Exmoor – Sarah Drury

I love how well camouflaged the cow is…beautiful, muted colour palette…

Sarah loves wild landscapes, not only Exmoor, but also the coast  of Cornwall and the Scottish islands as well as Snowdonia…rugged terrains, moody, fast-changing weather…along with the gentler rolling Malvern Hills…

Sarah Drury
Malvern Hills – Sarah Drury

What I love about Sarah’s photographs, apart from the horses (!), is the muted, limited colour palettes and the way she captures both the beauty and atmosphere of the landscape as well as highlighting the often overlooked…

Sarah Drury
Morning Light – Sarah Drury
Sarah Drury
Sarah Drury

Sarah takes her inspiration from books such as Kathleen Jamie’s ‘Sightlines’…

Image result for kathleen jamie sightlines

…and landscape photographers Dan Cook and Daniel Alford…as well as Cath Waters, a Scottish artist and photographer…

Sarah Drury
Pendeen, Corwall – Sarah Drury
Sarah Drury
Snowdonia Sunset – Sarah Drury

Do check out Sarah’s Instagram feed – it’s not all horses, you’re sure to see something that speaks to your soul…

My choice of book this week might seem slightly strange but allow me to continue my indulgence, following on with the equine theme… My favourite books when I was a child were ‘The Silver Brumby’ series by Elyne Mitchell…( in fact I think I may still own the books, packed away in a box in the garage….)

See the source image

…set in the Snowy Mountains of Australia, the books tell the tale of the mighty stallion Thowra and his descendants, and I loved them, enthralled by the mysticism of the stories, the way the horses were part of the landscape….

What was your favourite childhood book?

Oh, and before you ask, yes, I watched all the tv programmes too; ‘White Horses,’ ‘Follyfoot,’ ‘The Adventures of Black Beauty’…and who can forget that opening/closing credit sequence…… (can see where Lloyds Bank got their inspiration from…)

And talking of inspiration…. horses and the landscape are Sarah’s inspirations, and I have often talked about how the landscape inspires me; for some people it’s the properties of the materials that inspires them…

Inspiration comes from a variety of sources…and this podcast,  ‘Where does inspiration come from?’ discusses this issue…

As stated in the podcast, some people find walking helps them find inspiration…

‘All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking,’

Friedrich Nietzsche

…and I love this quote by Rebecca Solnit:

‘Language is like a road, it cannot be perceived all

at once because it unfolds in time, whether heard or read.

This narrative or temporal element has made writing and walking

resemble each other.’

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope it inspires you…


Take care,


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