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Life doesn’t yet feel as if it has returned to, or at least settled into a ‘norm’…but the changing seasons, and my ‘goals’,  have at last spurred me into more consistent action…

…so here is the first in an occasional series of posts highlighting a particular artwork of mine, as well as an insight into the inspirations for it…

‘We rejoice in stone and wildness;

limestone cliffs and Mam Tor’s wrinkled fort.’

Jo Bell

Wind's Breath

‘Wind’s Breath’ is a mixed media artwork inspired by my walks in The Peak District. Living as we do in Leicestershire, The Peak District, in neighbouring Derbyshire, is only a hop, skip and a jump away, and is an area that we visit regularly – Covid-19 allowing…

For those readers not in the UK, The Peak District is an upland area in central England covering around 555 square miles, and is split into The Dark Peak – moorland and gritstone escarpments – and The White Peak, made up of river valleys carved out of the limestone. The area became the UK’s first National Park in 1951.

The Peak District - Carolyn J Roberts Artist

The Peak District - Carolyn J Roberts Artist

The area has a wild beauty, each season has its highlights; it’s particularly spectacular when all the heather is out….

But sometimes it’s the small things that catch my eye…

Wind's Breath - Carolyn J Roberts Artist
Wind’s Breath – Carolyn J Roberts Artist

This piece was inspired by a walk around Carl Wark and Higger Tor – a particularly blustery day as I recall… Clouds and showers quickly scudding through, carried on the wind… The heather had mostly finished flowering and the vegetation was beginning to take on a green/gold or bronze tinge…heading as we were into Autumn… There was wildness in the air….

It was that feeling of being out in the elements, the swirling wind, the contrasting textures…that interested me…

Dry Stone Wall - Carolyn J Roberts Artist

… and that’s why I began experimenting with mixed media collage in my sketchbook…

Mixed Media - Carolyn J Roberts Artist

Mixed Media - Carolyn J Roberts Artist

Mixed Media - Carolyn J Roberts Artist

Mixed Media - Carolyn J Roberts Artist

…that finally led to ‘Wind’s Breath’…

Wind's Breath - Carolyn J Roberts Artist
Wind’s Breath – Carolyn J Roberts Artist


Wind's Breath - Carolyn J Roberts Artist
Wind’s Breath – Carolyn J Roberts Artist

The piece is in a 16″ x 20″ white double mount; the actual artwork is 6.5″ x 9.25″ and is available to purchase on my website…. Wind’s Breath…my interpretation of the rugged, wildness that is The Peak District…

‘Peak District’

‘Fingers of light pierced the clouds caressing the moors
with life giving warmth, purples, browns and greens of
heathers mingled, blended, in a union of beauty. Yellow
of gorse splashed in the sultry, hazy spectre of natures
superb canvas. The dry stone walling lay sporadic, lost,
decaying in time and memory, the hardy moorland sheep
stumbled from blade to blade, in the breeze they used the
walls as shade. Golden plovers dipped and dived the call
of pee weet pee weet echoed in the stillness, the Peregrine
hovered with silent wings and sunlit eye. Those fingers of
light walked the hillside highlighting the chalk outcrops
on craggy reaches as if new laden snow. Black pools of
peaty water dot themselves borne of winters starkness,
it is a beauty that holds both eye and heart, a picture
painted for the soul. A place where all blends and the
crofter wears no watch only the sun and moon to follow.’

Shakespeares Waste Bin

Take care,


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A Bend in the River…

A bend in the river - Carolyn J Roberts Artist

That’s the thing about water – it always finds a way…whatever obstacles lie in its path, it finds a way through, over…or round… a fact that I was reminded of as I followed the river’s sinuous curves…

Let’s face it, 2020 isn’t the year that any of us was hoping for; I don’t know about you, but the turn of a new decade filled me with optimism – fresh starts, plans made etc etc etc… and, then… Well I won’t labour the point, we all know how the story of the year unfolds… And as time went on, I found my mood swing from one of positivity – I shall carry on, make lots of work, read more etc etc etc (I sound like Yul Brynner in The King and I…) to one of melancholy; ‘grieving’ sounds far too melodramatic considering the experiences other people have suffered, but I really began to feel a sense of loss, time drifting by…

The clear-cut path for the year was becoming overgrown, obscure…

Unclear path - Carolyn J Roberts Artist

Yes, I was still being creative, making small collages…Reeds & River - Collage Sketchbook Carolyn J Roberts Artist

Collage Sketchbook - Carolyn J Roberts Artist

…but, if I am honest, there was little joy; it all felt aimless, pointless…a case of ‘going through the motions’…(a feeling I know that a lot of people have experienced during lockdown…)

And then, after a particularly trying day, I pulled on my boots…something I hadn’t done for a while, and I went out and walked, and walked…until I came to a bend in the river…and as I stood on the bridge with the  meandering river on one side…A bend in the river - Carolyn J Roberts Artist

…and the weir on the other…

…I was reminded of the properties of water, its flexibility, adaptability…its persistence…how it always finds its way…and as I turned to walk home, these thoughts circled round, little niggles…so much so, that by the time I arrived home, these thoughts and niggles had become a full on conversation…questioning, probing…

This ‘conversation with myself’ continued for several days…and then two further things happened;  a seasonal planning session took place in the Connected Artist Club ( a paid membership group owned/run by artist Alice Sheridan, – a group that is so helpful and supportive!!) and I started to read Die Empty by Todd Henry…

…and that’s when I really began to challenge my beliefs about myself and what I was doing…or not doing, not achieving…

Like a lot of people during lockdown, I decided to take the opportunity to try and learn a language – so I started with one of those free apps…and I have kept going with it….not saying I am fluent or anything, just that I have clocked up 220 continuous days of ‘lessons’…which got me thinking, ‘Why have I persisted with this…and not with my art?’ The answer – my stubbornness; as the days began to accrue, I just didn’t want to break that chain…to have to start again counting the days…so I persist with it…I am focused on achieving the next milestone on the app…and charting my progress…

This realisation of how I operate best, along with the planning session and the book, was the kickstart I needed to slowly begin to emerge from my period of the ‘doldrums’… and so I began to make plans, to focus…Carolyn J Roberts Artist

Now, even with the best of intentions, I know there are times when things wont work out, and that’s where I will have to be adaptable, flexible…but even just having a focus…writing goals – whether you call them ‘big rocks, stones and pebbles’ or ‘stretch, sprint, step’ – I am finding them so helpful…and there’s something so satisfying about ticking things off my to-do lists, whether that’s my daily one…or the longer term one… And I should add that these goals are not just to do with my art, but also in other areas of my life…In his book, Todd Henry describes four key areas; business/work, mental, relational, and personal/spiritual…and I have used these as starting points…

And even though some of the things I achieve each day are relatively small steps, like having a goal for my studio time…..a fixed area I want to explore for example, rather than just turning up and going ‘Now what?’…,

Charcoal flowers - Carolyn J Roberts Artist
Charcoal Exploration

I still feel as if I am making progress…and already I can feel my positivity returning…it really is a case of moving forwards, one step at a time…remembering the river, the water…which always finds a way…

Take care,


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Something for the Weekend…

‘On those rainy days

when the sky grows dark…

I find solace in the

grey clouds that move

easily through the sky.

They will carry me

to the clearing where

rays of sunlight still shine…

Christy Ann Martine

…another mixed bag of a week; dark clouds, rain…interspersed with hints of blue…but uppermost, the wind…gusting, swirling…trees swaying, branches whipping backwards and forwards, the ground scattered with leaves, twigs… the reeds lining the riverbank rustling, with the occasional squawk from a moorhen, hidden amongst the stems… Pigeons battling against the wind, flapping hard…swifts barrel past, swooping and diving, exalting in the elements…and then, even on the most seemingly, dark and dreary day, I am afforded a glimpse that causes me to have a ‘sharp intake of breath’ moment…a pair of cormorants, diving and surfacing, diving and surfacing, travelling downstream, almost parallel to each other…reminding me, however gloomy, that there is always beauty and wonder to be found…the river keeps flowing, nature continues to delight…

Someone else who is as equally enamoured of rivers as I am is this week’s Instagram Artist of the Week, Susie Monnington…

Susie Monnington
Susie Monnington

It was Susie’s beautiful paintings inspired by her travels down the river in her canoe – (got me thinking that this is something I could do, well the OH can paddle while I am sketching/taking photographs!!) that made me stop scrolling. Susie’s work possesses a fantastic sense of light and space…capturing the ever-changing seasons…the ever-changing mood of the river…

Susie Monnington
Drifting Dreams – Susie Monnington

Her choice of a muted palette, the textures and drips…reflections and sense of light…really appeal, and I almost feel as if I am in the canoe, floating downriver…

Susie lives and works in rural Sussex, and is inspired by the river as well as the coast; making speedy, intuitive drawings that act as a starting point for her paintings. She admits that she ‘never really knows what my paintings will look like until they reveal themselves’…

Susie Monnington
A Sense of Stillness – Susie Monnington

There is such a feeling of ‘quiet calm’ in these works…I imagine that each individual viewer will become absorbed in their own serene journey along these rivers, transported to other places, lost in reflection…

Susie Monnington
Susie Monnington

And as I know from my own meanderings along ‘my’ river, there is beauty, whatever the season…these four delights, capturing so perfectly winter’s details; from the space and light, through the ‘scratchy’ textures echoing the stark stems bereft of their foliage, the reeds brown with the last remnants of seeds clinging defiantly…until the frosts…

Susie Monnington
Susie Monnington

Susie also draws inspiration from the changing seas and coasts around the UK; the Sussex coast as well as the Hebridean seascapes…(another place to add to my ever growing bucket list…)…and I love the energy and movement in these two above; both provide such a sense of the wind and sea spray pounding onto the rocks…the limited palette focussing your attention on the textures and brush strokes…the looming weather..

Susie Monnington
Susie Monnington

There is something so delightful in the way that Susie has captured the light reflecting on the water’s surface…

Susie Monnington
Winter Ouse – Susie Monnington

…and there is always something to see on the river; I can imagine the moorhens and coots hiding amongst the reeds…the surface of the water rippling…winter light, silver-edged clouds, reflections…captured so beautifully…

Do take a look at Susie’s Instagram feed as well as her website, where you can find lots more beautiful paintings and information about her work…

As always, I would like to thank Susie for allowing me to feature her evocative artwork… As a ‘river-lover’ myself, they strike a particular chord with me…and I hope you find them as magical as I do!!

Talk of travelling along the river by canoe reminded me of our boat trip in the Parque Natural de la Albufera de Valencia…although this was a lake, there were several waterways lined with reeds, a haven for birds…

…happy memories of a wonderful trip, a beautiful day, the sun sparkling on the water… followed by a lunch of paella; well it would have been rude not to, Valencia being the home of paella…

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag for me art wise this week too…I managed to get these mounted…

Carolyn J Roberts Artist
Sea Breeze – Carolyn J Roberts
Carolyn J Roberts Artist
Maelstrom & Swept Away – Carolyn J Roberts

…but generally I have been feeling a sense of ‘malaise’…a lack of inspiration…so, I ordered some new materials (and I have some more on order….been a little rash I know….)Carolyn J Roberts

…and I am looking forward to getting out and about, to be inspired…to create…who  knows what…but…

I have plenty of ‘imperfect’ pieces, so somewhere, amongst all of those, must lie the germ of a new idea…

As you know, I like a bit of a ramble…and someone else who does is broadcaster Clare Balding…and as we are planning a few days away in Northumberland, it seemed the opportune time to listen to her BBC Sounds radio programme ‘Ramblings – Northumberland – St. Oswald’s Way: Alnmouth’, especially as she was accompanied by artist Sue Fenlon and photographer Barbara Aitchison…

Carolyn J Roberts

(Not part of St. Oswald’s Way – but part of a walk we did in Northumberland a few years ago…looking forward to being out in the landscape again soon….)

‘A field of grass,

Never still, never silent,

Responding as one being to wind and weather,

Rippling in breezes, dancing in rain,

Changing each moment in its fervent march

To ripened maturity…

In the amber of late summer

Under the relentless faded August sun,

It stands in simple primitive beauty

At the moment of its ripe maturity,

Whispering in anticipation

Of the end of its journey.’

Bernardette E. Kazmarski

As always, I hope you have found something to interest and inspire you…

Take care


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Something for the Weekend…

‘The World Turned Upside Down

In the misty habit of a rainy afternoon

a single, ponderous drop of rainwater hangs tenuously

from the curved tip of a leaf

holding within it the world turned upside down

and a moment later falls into eternity.’

Bernadette E. Kazmaraki

…at the time of writing, the weather has been toying with, and teasing us; from scorching high summer days of cloudless blue, to thunderous skies, forerunners of torrential downpours…

…but even when the world appears to be topsy-turvy, and you’re not sure whether to pack the sun-cream or an umbrella…there are small delights to be found tucked away….

Carolyn J Roberts

‘Live quietly in the moment

and see the beauty of all before you.

The future will take care of itself…’

Paramahansa Yogananda

The pure white trumpets of the bindweed (such an unlovely name for a beautiful flower…) pepper the hedgerows, small star-lights in the dark…

Carolyn J Roberts

The story of the river and its wildlife continue to enthrall; hours sat watching and listening, trying to develop my recognition of the birdsong, the flora and fauna…to absorb the experience of the changing moods…to gain an intimate knowledge of the landscape…

Someone who has an incredible knowledge and understanding of his subject is artist Karl Martens…and I was fascinated to watch this short video, hearing his philosophy, seeing his technique…

…his description of preparing himself to paint, to achieve the right frame of mind, of having to ‘let go,’ and how the painting, or should I say ‘bird’, lets him know when the work is done…’hello…..’ There is something about that white, simple, calm studio space with the materials beautifully laid out, that really appeals… (ha – one can dream…)

Much as the weather has been a little up and down, so my creative mojo is equally as variable – at this particular moment, it definitely appears to have gone ‘walkabouts’…but I am aware that this is the pattern of my creativity… and, although it all feels a little lack-lustre now, I know that, at some point, there will be a tiny spark, something that lights the flame of inspiration… In the meantime I have been doing the inevitable scrolling of social media, as well as re-visiting Pinterest… Have to admit to being a little ‘all or nothing’ on Pinterest; at times, I will ‘pin’ like mad, and then go for long periods without looking at it… until it suddenly dawned on me; I have a board called Artistic Inspirations with over 1400 pins on, lots of different artworks and artists,  ‘why was I pinning all these images and then not using them in my research, considering what it was that attracted me to them, was it something I could experiment with or develop in my own work….?’ (what can I say…some things take a while to permeate my little grey cells….) So I am making an attempt to go through some ‘pins’ and analyse why I like them…

Joseph Mallord William Turner, 'Vignette Study of Storm at Sea, for Campbell's 'Poetical Works'' circa 1835-6 (J.M.W. Turner: Sketchbooks, D...

JMW Turner, Tate

Kitty Sabatier

                                                                 Kitty Sabatier 

daily art journal : Photo

  Mary Buek

Andrew Bird - Artist - Work on Paper                                                                 Andrew Bird

Even in this small selection it is evident there is a common theme; the colour palette and the mark making…so is this is something I want to explore further or should I shake it up – add in pops of colour contrast? Definitely food for thought…and, by continuing to re-visit my Pinterest boards, there could be more areas for consideration…do you review your Pinterest pins at all…..or are you like me…and leave for months on end…overlooking a whole range of artistic inspiration!!

My collage sketchbooks continue to provide a gentle, no pressure warm-up…using scraps of old work, papers, images, ephemera and words or phrases that appeal, I create a composition that I like…

Carolyn J Roberts Artist

My Instagram Artist of the Week is someone who also creates books alongside other equally beautiful works of art – Roxanne Evans Stout

Roxanne Evans Stout
Roxanne Evans Stout

Living on the Pacific Northwest amidst the mountains and rivers…(sounds perfect….) she considers herself to be: ‘an artist and teacher, a wanderer and dreamer, a garden dweller, a river walker, a child of the forest, a daughter of the sea…and is always grateful, always noticing, always growing….’

Roxanne Evans Stout
Roxanne Evans Stout

Initially, Instagram being a visual platform, it was Roxanne’s colour palette and use of natural, found materials, that stopped me scrolling…there’s something so appealing about the pop of blue, the natural twine and stone…

Roxanne Evans Stout
Roxanne Evans Stout

Roxanne uses a variety of media and materials, ranging from collage, stitching and sewing, encaustic work, book-making etc, to weave stories… stories that have the ability to touch us…

Roxanne Evans Stout
Roxanne Evans Stout

…and obviously, as soon as I saw her magical collage notebooks/handmade books, I was hooked!!

I love Roxanne’s Instagram feed; it presents such a calmness, a quiet understanding and awareness of what she wants to convey…

Roxanne Evans Stout
Earth Layers – Roxanne Evans Stout

From beautiful layers of artwork, with tales waiting to be revealed, each mark adding to the strand of the story…to gorgeous photographs of her inspiration and work, assembled as a still life, a work of art in its own right…

Roxanne Evans Stout
Roxanne Evans Stout

Roxanne’s philosophy, her way of approaching her work, is one that I feel a connection to, and if she will indulge me, here is a paragraph from her website about how she begins a project:

‘Before I begin a project I love to collect and spread out small objects that inspire me. I take a walk through our gardens and under the trees. I cut a flower, pick up a stick or feather, and find a leaf or stone that calls to me and bring them into my studio. Then I spread them out carefully and arrange them, intuitively and almost without thinking…and shoot some photos…this process helps connect me to the earth, the seasons, and helps me feel renewed,’ (Roxanne Evans Stout)

Roxanne Evans Stout
Roxanne Evans Stout

I too, like to feel that connection to the landscape and to nature, and am also an inveterate wanderer and collector; only the other day, my OH discovered a seashell in a jacket pocket from our trip to Cornwall in February. That one object can trigger a memory; walking along the windswept beach, blown sand peppering our cheeks, spray from the pounding waves hurled far and wide, me picking up stones and shells, interesting driftwood, dried seaweed etc…and as my pockets were full, well…

Roxanne Evans Stout
Roxanne Evans Stout

…and telling stories, recalling memories, finding connections, is what, I feel, Roxanne’s work is all about; through her choice of materials and media, her words, and her assemblages, she transports us to her world…in the most beautiful of ways…

Do pop over to Roxanne’s Instagram feed as well as her website, where you will find much more information about her work, her writings, her collage work, online workshops etc…..

As ever, I would like to extend my thanks to Roxanne for allowing me to feature her beautiful work – it is a joy and a delight!

‘There is music in the wind

and the gentle breeze

carries your song


Nicole Lyons

As ever, I hope you have something to interest and inspire you,

Take care,


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Something for the Weekend…

Carolyn J Roberts Artist

…the morning after the Summer Solstice, the sun climbs high and bright…seemingly quiet, until suddenly, as if on cue, swallows appear dancing over the river’s surface, and swifts, dark arrows against the azure sky, criss-crossing before barrelling along the water, dipping their beaks, drinking the cool, clear water…

…liquid gold ripples across the river, birdsong carried on the breeze, the grass heavy with morning diamonds, glittering over the meadow…with the dandelion clocks, time dispersed, it’s now the turn of the clover to take a starring role; small, white clusters, arms stretched skywards…

Solstice, derived from the latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), a transitioning from one season to the next; Summer Solstice, the longest day…’a time when the normal laws of nature or divinity could be suspended, when spirits and fairies could contact humans, when humans could exceed the usual limitations of their world,’ (Prof. Ronald Hutton, University of Bristol)…reminding me of the work of a previous ‘Instagram Artist of the Week’, Nicki Gwynn Jones…based on Orkney…

Nicki Gwynn-JonesNicki Gwynn Jones

…who takes the most amazing images, golden light, with faeries hidden…visible only to those who believe…

The Solstice seems particularly poignant this year; a turning point, looking back, looking forwards, memories, hopes…the year sliding away, the world at a standstill…a crossroads…

‘“I think you will agree that life’s plans are not always tied up in neat little packages. Occasionally we find ourselves at unexpected crossroads with more than one opportunity from which to choose. Time itself is often the best indicator of which decision to make, for it can tell so many things that are now hazy.”
 Linda Lee Chaikin, Tomorrow’s Treasure

…and at such times…

‘In any given moment, we have two options:

to step forward into growth or to step back

into safety.’

Abraham Maslow

In art terms, it’s so easy to ‘step back into safety’, to keep within our comfort zone, creating the same thing on repeat…and that’s what I feel as if I have been doing… I was so inspired by our trip to Cornwall in February; a whole new body of work developed…but since lockdown I have felt my inspiration waning…that’s why, with the slow easing of restrictions, we are at last able to plan a few days away… so many beautiful areas of the country to explore, and this time we are looking to  further explore Northumberland… this short video by Graeme Hare provides a flavour of the landscape and coastline…I can’t wait to be on those wild shores and fells…and hopefully, feel inspiration sparking new ideas….

…but with new inspiration, new ideas, comes a vulnerability… I was really happy with the Cornish works…a few of which are below…waiting to be framed ready for an exhibition in the not too distant future…fingers crossed…

Carolyn J Roberts Artist

Carolyn J Roberts Artist

I love the abstract nature of these mixed media pieces, but after weeks of not producing anything remotely as interesting there is that worry that I won’t be able to create the like again…

So this Ted Talk by a favourite of mine, Elizabeth Gilbert, was a timely find…

…I create because that’s what I love, whether that be painting, drawing, writing, making a beautiful garden…or a calm, uncluttered space within which to live…so I just have to keep on creating and not get swayed by success or failure….

Inspiration comes in many forms, and, whilst in this ‘low period’ of my creativity, I have to admit to doing more than my fair share of social media scrolling… I have been following this week’s ‘Instagram Artist of the Week’ for a while now and her work never fails to inspire and delight…. Janette Phillips is a mixed media artist who lives in the beautiful Lake District…

Janette Phillips
Janette Phillips

It is the fantastic colours and loose washes, the sometimes semi-abstract nature of her work, that stops me scrolling…to peer more closely…

Janette Phillips
Bluebells – Janette Phillips

Inspired by nature, the flora and fauna, scents and sounds, Janette works in a variety of mediums ranging from inks, pastels, oil paints, watercolour and collage… Initially working quickly, intuitively over several pieces at once, she allows the mediums to dictate these early marks and moves…

Janette Phillips
Janette Phillips

Who couldn’t fail to be cheered by these gorgeous, popping colours and washes…!! And even when Janette is exploring tonal compositions there is so much energy and variety of marks and textures; the sketch is a fantastic example  of exploring the subject…

Janette Phillips
Janette Phillips
Janette Phillips
Janette Phillips
Janette Phillips
Janette Phillips

And of course I would like this one above; some of my favourite colours and of course…granulation…..

I adore paeonies…and am fascinated by the way Janette captures these beautiful blooms…the soft washes, the multiple layers…not to mention the colours; a stunning portrayal of a summer delight!!

Janette Phillips
Janette Phillips


Janette Phillips
Janette Phillips

She also paints wonderful interpretations of the landscape; I love this palette, the variations in tone, the textural marks allied with the finer detail…so much energy… I can imagine myself standing on the fells, experiencing all the space, freedom and elements they provide….

Betwixt – Janette Phillips (Sold)

I could have chosen many more images from both Janette’s Instagram feed and her website, but why don’t you pop over and have a look for yourself…there is a whole range of beautiful work to admire!!

In the meantime, I will continue my ‘love affair’ with the river…a place where I find inspiration for my ‘writing’ if not for my painting…a place of comfort, a place to find balance…whilst waiting for the smallest of winds, ‘the perfume of wild flowers…’

‘Change comes like a little wind

that ruffles the curtains at dawn,

and it comes like a stealthy perfume of wild flowers

hidden in the grass…’

John Steinbeck

As ever, I hope you have found something to interest and inspire you,

Take care,


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Something for the Weekend…

‘…the morning mists are grey,

where the dew-drowned copses quiver…

At the dawning of the day.

O scent of the dewy grasses

In the daybreak calm and cool,

Where the skimming swallow passes

From pool to darkling pool,

And the startled birds go winging

Through the wakened woods a-ringing…

At the dawning of the day…’

At the Dawning of the Day – Cicely Fox Smith

…humid afternoons, oppressive,…evening thunderstorms…mornings heavy with mist…a grey shroud cloaking the landscape, grasses nodding, laden with moisture…the heron slowly emerges from the gloom, stalking the river bank…the air reverberating with the crows’ caws…unseen…

Early morning mist

…a world out of kilter, so it seems with the weather….the grey, drear mornings of this week a reflection of my mood…last week… Uninspired, dispirited; now, I feel as if something is striving to be heard, struggling to the surface…waiting to be discovered, explored, to emerge…tentative steps becoming more positive strides…

…and alongside these ‘whisperings’ of ideas, I feel a need to write…

Blank journal...

…not only to organise my ‘whisperings’, my thoughts and ideas, but to expand on some of the more ‘eloquent passages’ – if there are any – from this blog…. To what end, I have no idea, but there is something pulling at me, equally struggling to emerge…

One ‘thing’ that keeps cropping up in my ‘whisperings’ is my choice of colour palette – it doesn’t seem to matter how many luscious shades there are available, my palette remains fairly limited…

Time & Tide... Carolyn J Roberts Artist

…so it’s always interesting reading how other artists select their colours… Someone whose artwork I am drawn to because of its immediacy, textures, marks, freshness and yes, colour, is Louise Balaam…there is a gestural, intuitive quality to the work that I love…

Soft sky, low light (Ashdown) – oil on panel, 40cm x 40cm – Louise Balaam

Louise recently wrote an article for the Jackson’s Art Blog about how her choice of earth colours helps to achieve harmony and subtlety in her work...’Louise Balaam: Painting with an Earth Palette’. 

I should add, that apart from a week or two at college many moons ago, I haven’t studied ‘Colour Theory’ in any great depth, much preferring to follow my intuition and, if I am honest, use colours that I love…Creeks & Inlets...Carolyn J Roberts Artist

but reading Louise’s article makes me feel as if I should at least re-acquaint myself with the basics…

I also feel like shaking things up with my choice of materials – charcoal is definitely calling…but, there is that ‘whispering’…go larger, more gestural than previous work…

Ink & Charcoal in Sketchbook www.carolynjrobertsartist.co.uk

…and whilst deliberating on the possibility I came across this article… ‘Drawing the Landscape in Charcoal‘ by Rob Wellings on The Landscape Atelier.  I love this by Alexander Hollan…

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.44.16 AM

As I write this, we are on Day 87 of the ‘lockdown’…more places are beginning to open…but thoughts of trips and visits to favourite haunts still seems a long way distant… it’s no secret the north Norfolk coast is one such ‘haunt’…


and I can’t wait until we’re able to visit again…but in the meantime I will have to make do with my photographs and programmes such as Open Country – Marshes of Norfolk.… made even more interesting by the inclusion of how artists are influenced by this area…. (I am not sure if overseas readers will be able to access this programme….apologies…)

”As dew leaves the cobweb lightly

Threaded with stars,

Scattering jewels on the fence

And the pasture bars;

As dawn leaves the dry grass bright

And the tangled weeds

Bear a rainbow gem

On each of their seeds…’

Sara Teasdale

As ever, I hope you have found something to interest and inspire you,

Take care,


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Something for the Weekend…Take Two…


Still waters, deep,

surface like glass reflecting green above;

and below are trees, sky,

shadow, leaves, sunlight,

moving and motionless.

Here silent images shimmer now,

and – air breathing suddenly – break.

Unbidden feelings confuse


reality and fantasy.

Which is which?

Fantasy and reality confuse;

feelings unbidden break, suddenly breathing air;

and now shimmer images,

silent here, motionless

and moving…

(sunlight leaves shadows).’

Paul Hansford

To be honest, this week, with a combination of factors leaving me uninspired and dispirited, I didn’t feel like writing a post – but, after having a conversation with myself (!!!) I decided that, for me, it’s important to keep sharing great work by fabulous artists, to keep recommending books, or podcasts or YouTube videos that inspire, to keep rambling on about my little spot by the river…to keep showing up, to keep creating… to keep giving…and that’s why I couldn’t not post…something…even if it is ‘second time around’…

…so, and I hope you will forgive me, I have cheated a little by adding a link to the very first ‘Something for the Weekend‘ post that I wrote…(you can judge how much I have/haven’t improved…!!!).

I hope you enjoy my little trip down memory lane, made all the more bittersweet by the fact that we were supposed to be re-visiting Valencia later in the year…

Carolyn J Roberts Artist

‘A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles…’

Tim Cahill

I like to think that, even though we are not able to travel at the moment, through this blog and my social media/newsletter interactions I have made many friends…with whom I can continue to create, inspire and share…

…by next week, I’m sure, ‘normal’ service will be resumed…but for now, thank you; thank you for all the follows, kind words, encouragement and support…treasured indeed….

Take care,


P.S. If you would like to read some of the ‘Best of…’ posts click here

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Something for the Weekend…

‘Beneath the rust and grime

which dulls the shine of

our weathered hearts,

joy patiently waits to be


John Mark Green

…June already, not much longer and we will be half-way through the year…where did that go… Much as I imagine it to be only Spring, I see, from the activity by the river, it will soon be high summer…longer days, grass drying, waiting to be baled, nesting swans, house-martins swooping back and forth, feeding twittering young…sightings of the first swifts, dark arrows, banking and barrelling across the sky…waft of wild ‘dog’ rose perfume carried on the breeze…willow trees, now fully clothed in green, dipping branches into the water…gently trailing leaves…the changing of the guard in my own garden; spring bulbs  replaced by foxgloves, aquilegias…lavender, buzzing with bees…the colours of summer… And talking of colour…

…that is what drew me to this week’s ‘Instagram Artist of the Week’, Elis Cooke

Elis Cooke
Elis Cooke

I use, what I consider to be a fairly muted palette in my own art, rarely using pinks, purples etc…and yet I love to see how other artists incorporate and use these colours…and Elis’s abstract works filled with textures and mark making, along with the colours really appeals…even in these small studies…

Elis Cooke
Elis Cooke

As a lover of sketchbooks, I am obviously drawn to Elis’s journals…I love how she adds thumbnails, colour samples, quotes etc.. definitely looks like my kind of sketchbook!!

Elis Cooke
Elis Cooke

Elis admits that her creative journey has been ‘kind of long and round about’. She began making clay jewellery before moving onto mixed media  pieces, making her own paper that she ‘cast into sculptural forms’ before painting with acrylics. Gradually her interest in painting grew, alongside printmaking and collage.

Elis draws her inspiration from nature, ‘organic forms especially,’ but prefers not to paint realistic images; rather, she sees her work as ‘a process of exploring how the paint interacts with various tools and materials such as collage, water and texture mediums,’ working until she creates ‘something interesting.’

I love the hint of pink in the mixed media work below, suggesting florals to me; the combination of the pink against the blue is fabulous, with the lines of pink around the white adding extra detail and interest…

Elis Cooke
Elis Cooke

That’s not to say she doesn’t work in darker colours at all…but there is always that hint of colour, be that pink or purple…or a bright blue…

Elis Cooke
Elis Cooke

…and, as ever, with abstracts, I love how the viewer can interpret the artwork in their own way… There is something about the broad swathes of colours and energy of mark making that holds my attention…

Growing up in a remote area, access to art galleries etc was limited, so Elis is mostly self-taught, apart from a few short classes. She spent a lot of time looking at books, trying to figure out how to create certain effects. Learning by trial and error, Elis accepted early on, that failure is part and parcel of the creative journey.

Favourite artists include JMW Turner, Stephanie Rayner, Edward Betts, Patricia Frederick, Helen Frankethaler, Joan Mitchell and Robert Motherwell.  

Like many artists, Elis’s studio space is in her home – something she is grateful for, during the current lockdown situation. Her ‘mess is in the basement,’ a pretty chaotic space as, alongside creating her art, she also makes books and journals.

Elis has eclectic tastes in both music and books. She likes a wide range of music genres but her favourite is blues and jazz. Equally her reading material includes ‘mythology, spiritality, women studies, poetry, and for guilty pleasure, sci-fi and fantasy.’

Elis Cooke
Elis Cooke

Elis love of experimentation with the materials and their properties, leads her to create work that is ‘ambiguous and suggestive, hoping to engage the intuition and imagination of the viewer’… Well, I for one, can see all manner of ‘landscapes/florals/seascapes etc ‘ in her work, with the textures and marks adding to the nuances of the piece as a whole… her colour combinations are fantastic – as in the orange lines against the sea of blue above!!

As I always say, do pop and take a look at Elis’s Instagram feed, along with her website – where you can see more of her wonderful abstract work. Thank you Elis, for allowing me to feature your fabulous work on my blog; it is very much appreciated!

Talking of materials and their properties, the Jackson’s Art blog has compiled a list of their seven favourite YouTube instructional videos, ranging from portrait painting in oils, to selecting paper for print-making…

I was lucky enough to watch Laura demonstrate at Patchings Art Festival…and I have always been a big fan of Maggi Hambling…

Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms; sometimes it directly influences my art…other times, ‘inspiration’ affects me as a person… I still find saying ‘I am an artist’ difficult; self-doubt, lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, whatever you call it, kicks in and I can almost feel myself retreating internally, stumbling over the words… So I have been trying to address this issue, listening to various podcasts, Ted Talks etc and reading various authors, one of whom is American professor Brene Brown…and I came across this Ted Talk that she gave back in 2013…

I laughed, I nodded in agreement…I identify with so much of what she describes; especially with regards to that person who sits in the fourth chair, who I have spent so long trying to please, to gain their approval… To think of that person in terms of the quote by Theodore Roosevelt – that if they are not in the arena ‘daring’, trying, as I am, then their feedback isn’t worth anything… that is such a game-changer…  And I have been practising standing tall, well as tall as my 5′ 2″ will allow, pulling my shoulders back, and proclaiming loudly ‘I am an artist’….


‘The Skylark

And as I paused to hear his song,

While swift the sunny moments slid,

Perhaps his mate sat listening long,

And listened longer than I did.


The earth was green, the sky was blue:

I saw and heard one sunny morn,

A skylark hang between the two,

A singing speck above the corn;


A stage below, in gay accord,

White butterflies danced on the wing,

And still the singing skylark soared,

And silent sank and soared to sing.


The cornfield stretched a tender green

To the right and left beside my walks;

I knew he had a nest unseen

Somewhere among the million stalks….

Christina Rossetti


I hope, as always, that you have found something to interest and inspire you!

Whatever you do this weekend…enjoy!

‘If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy,

if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has the power to move you,

if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand,

rejoice, for your soul is alive.’

Eleonora Duse


Take care,


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Something for the Weekend…

‘Looking forward with an eternal perspective gives one hope,

a reason to look up and feel gratitude

for even the smallest bit of light…’

Rosemary M Wixom

…another week gone, and we remain in this ‘confinement’…and each day I thank my stars that, in minutes, I can be by the river…connected to nature… As you know, sitting on the riverbank watching the daily ‘comings and goings’, is my way of finding balance; marvelling at the aerial acrobatics of the swallows and house-martins, skimming the water, drinking on the wing…seeing the yellow water-lily leaves emerging, unfurling on the surface, creating rafts upon which the moorhens balance unsteadily…as if learning to walk on stilts… And again, what I have noticed during this ‘lockdown’ period is this sense of ‘heightened awareness’…both the bigger picture and the smaller details; the river and the meadow as a whole, as well as individual elements, each plant, each bird…how the breeze, rain or sun affects the flora and fauna… Raindrops on the water’s surface, gentle ruffles of the meadow grass, early morning dew on the buttercup goblet…

…and this focussing on one particular object, noticing the finer details is a passion of this week’s ‘Instagram Artist of the Week’, Deborah Wastie – Instagram account @alchemyofordinarythings…. I was drawn to Deborah’s work by the beautiful detail and simplicity of her images (although i appreciate, achieving this simplicity can be anything but…)

Deborah Wastie
Alchemy of Ordinary Things – Deborah Wastie

Deborah lived in Cornwall from the age of 12; her mother was a landscape artist, seeing the landscape as a whole, whereas Deborah focused on drawing and designing flower images in a very graphic style.

Deborah Wastie
A Circle of Life – Alchemy of Ordinary Things – Deborah Wastie

Deborah did an art foundation year, and was undecided between pursuing graphic design or photography. Graphic design won out, but she continued with her photography…

Deborah Wastie
Alchemy of Ordinary Things – Deborah Wastie

Life in London beckoned, working as a designer and art director, until a few years ago when a change in her personal circumstances resulted in a re-focus…

Deborah Wastie
Alchemy of Ordinary Things – Deborah Wastie

A food photography course in India followed; even there, Deborah shot lots of flowers and leaves…and despite shooting many food images, her real passion is flowers or single food items…she likens the details of the flower/food item to a piece of graphic design…

Deborah Wastie
Alchemy of Ordinary Things – Deborah Wastie

I love the simplicity of the image; the colours and textures, the intricacies are just fabulous…

Deborah’s ‘studio’  sounds wonderful; a space at the top of the house, full of her props; vintage crockery, flowers, both dried and fresh, sticks and twigs, and lots of foraged ‘items’ from her travels – definitely sounds my kind of space!!

Deborah Wastie
Alchemy of Ordinary Things – Deborah Wastie

Deborah’s inspiration for simplicity and single-mindedness in an image is American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe….but she has also shot images styled in the ‘Still Life’ traditions of the old Dutch masters…  Her influences come from near and far; the countryside, the beach…’Everything is an image no matter how seemingly ordinary…’

Deborah Wastie
Alchemy of Ordinary Things – Deborah Wastie

I am trying, but not always succeeding, in de-cluttering, living with less, being minimalistic – I think this is why I am drawn to Deborah’s work; looking for the wonderful in the everyday, focussing on the beauty of ‘simple’ things – a wooden platter, a spice jar, a furled leaf…a branch of honesty…a fabulous example of ‘less is more’…

Do take a look at Deborah’s Instagram feed; it really is full of the most beautiful images; old doors, dried hydrangea flower heads…shadows, patterns, a spoon and plate….

Again, my thanks go to Deborah, for allowing me to feature her in my blog and to use her images…and for her ‘ramble’ in response to my questions….always appreciated!

Obviously we are still, for the foreseeable, unable to travel, so many galleries and exhibitions are going ‘on-line’; portraits are not usually my preferred genre, but it’s always good to broaden ones horizons…so I have had a virtual wander around the BP Portrait Award 2020

Image result for bp portrait award 2020

I haven’t got or read this book ‘Keep Going‘, but I have read his other book ‘Show Your Work’ – … a quick, to the point read…so I am wondering if any of you have read this one or would recommend it…

Image result for austin kleon keep going

I found this quote by Austin Kleon, which I thought quite appropriate, lockdown or no lockdown; ‘ The creative life is not linear. It’s not a straight line from Point A to Point B. It’s more like a loop, or a spiral in which you keep coming back to a new starting point after every project.’

Regular readers will know that I am a fan of Erland Cooper, a Scottish musician very much influenced by nature… He has recently been working with BBC Radio 6 to produce a piece of music that highlights how sound and music can help our mental health. Listeners were invited to send in recordings of the sounds that have become more noticeable owing to the lockdown situation; Cooper then composed music incorporating these ‘field recordings’ resulting in ‘A Nightingale Sings Outside Our Window’….

If I can take a positive from the current situation, it is this widespread ‘heightened noticing’ of both the sights and sounds of our surroundings, and the more aware we are of the beauty and wonder in the smallest of things, the more we treasure them….

‘The Four Conditions of Happiness: Life in the open air, Love for another being,

Freedom from ambition, Creation…’

Albert Camus

As ever, I hope you have found something to interest and inspire you in my musings…

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, take care,


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Something for the Weekend…


You’ve got to take care of yourself. And not just once in a while or only when you realise

how desperately you need it, but every single day. Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to mean fancy

baths or face masks. It doesn’t have to mean travelling far or turning your whole life upside down.

It certainly can, but everyone is different. Truly taking care of yourself simply means

nourishing your mind, body, and spirit in ways that work for you. It means finding a balance

within your every day life that allows you to do the things you love and feel at peace.

It means nourishing yourself within to be able to take on the world out there.’

Walk the Earth – Nikki Banas

…time passes, and in this crazy, mixed up world, even that seems to be confused…days appearing to last much longer that 24 hours, but weeks skipping by, as if playing on some speeded up video… Without a schedule of art fairs and events, with nothing filled in on the calendar, the impetus to create slows…and, then, all too easily, that vicious circle begins…’will I ever be able to make art again, will it be any good, what if I can’t do it any more…’

…and that’s when it’s important for me to ‘nourish’ myself…to find a balance…  I settle by the river, coffee and notebook to hand… breathing in that early morning, hearing the birdsong, watching the heron flap slowly by…noting the pewter sheen to the water’s surface, disturbed by squabbling ducks and moorhens; house martins and swallows perform aerial displays…sparrows and blue tits hop amongst the tangle of blackberry thickets, a lone magpie dances above the lace blanket of cow parsley… I laugh at the antics of a crow, unsettled by a buzzard sitting on the wires – the crow hopping, harrier jump jet style either side of the larger bird…until, eventually the buzzard lazily departs, with a final circular salute… A gentle breeze ruffles the grass, sending dandelion seeds scattering…time goes on its way… and I find my balance…and head off to ‘create’…

…and in this time of ‘heightened noticing’…it seems appropriate to re-read Kathleen Jamie’s book ‘Findings‘…

Weaving domesticity and nature, walking both near her home and farther afield, Jamie describes her travels, following peregrine calls or beach-combing on wild Hebridean shores, creating a narrative alive to her surroundings…

‘Keeping the sea to my left hand I walked northwards, the way the gannets had indicated. The clifftop land dipped into damp troughs and then rose onto promontories where bedrock broke through the thin earth. There were pools of peaty water between rocks, and foraging parties of golden plover….. ‘ (p.165, Findings, Jamie)

It’s a beautifully descriptive book combining landscape, nature, history…and domestic life… I love Jamie’s expressive style, transporting me as it does to these wild places…exploring corners I am unable to visit, at least for the time being…

Someone else who loves exploring, both the landscape and with creative materials, is this week’s ‘Instagram Artist of the Week’ is Marie-Michelle La Rue

Marie-Michelle La Rue
Marie-Michelle La Rue

It was the colours and washes of her work that first caught my attention…

Marie-Michelle La Rue
‘Le Rang Croche’ – Marie-Michelle La Rue

Although always creative, Marie-Michelle admits that she never took it seriously, apart from expressing her love of colour etc with her hair and clothes!! It wasn’t until last year that she tried watercolours for the first time…after trying acrylics…and being intimidated by oil paints – owning a brand new set of oil paints that she has yet to open!!

Marie-Michelle La Rue
Disgrace – Marie-Michelle La Rue

Marie-Michelle loves watercolours; the unpredictability of the medium, watching the pigment interact with inks…she finds it all fascinating…as do I…

Marie-Michelle La Rue
Caleb – Marie-Michelle La Rue

Marie-Michelle’s inspiration comes from the landscape and her surroundings, including a nearby forest…which, much as I find with the river, provides her with a sense of balance and calm from the myriad of things buzzing around in her head… Painting also helps maintain her sense of peace, finding it easier to express herself through her art than through words…

Marie-Michelle La Rue
Au Lac Creux – Marie-Michelle La Rue

I love the loose, expressive quality in Marie-Michelle’s work – and of course, her choice of colours is fabulous.. The variety of washes and marks appeals also – even the ones with a more calligraphic feel to them…it’s all about the brush stroke and pigment, the splatter and interaction…

Marie-Michelle La Rue
Apostrophe – Marie-Michelle La Rue

In common with many artists, Marie-Michelle’s ‘studio space’ is a small area in her living space… that pre-Covid 19 was beautifully organised, but has now become somewhat of a storage space..


Marie-Michelle La Rue
Champagne – Marie-Michelle La Rue


I love the combination of charcoal and watercolour in the above work; in her Instagram post Marie-Michelle describes seeing a falcon near her house…and I imagine the circular charcoal marks to be an echo the bird’s flight…or it could just be the bubbles from champagne…

Marie-Michelle gets lots of her inspiration for ideas, techniques and mediums from Instagram, being particularly drawn to @vintagefables and @juliarehme… She also likes reading, when she has the time; her favourite authors range from Michel Tremblay to Christina Rickardsson, whose autobiography ‘Never Stop Walking’ Marie-Michelle has just finished…

Marie-Michelle La Rue
L’Apogee – Marie-Michelle La Rue

As artists, we all create work, and the work that we put out into the world is the work that we are most satisfied with…but every so often, we produce a painting that really speaks to us…for me, the one below is a favourite work of mine; the freedom and expressiveness speaks volumes to me…just as ‘L’Apogee’  (above)does to Marie-Michelle, ‘there’s something in there that touches me, that makes me happy.  At the moment, it’s the only painting I did that is not for sale. I want to keep it to myself’…a feeling I totally empathise with!!

Carolyn J Roberts Artist
Stormy Harbour – Carolyn J Roberts

Do take a look at Marie-Michelle’s Instagram feed – there are many more works to see – fluid, expressive watercolours where the colours sing… She also has a Facebook page – marie-michelle creations where you can see her work too!!

As always, a big thank you to Marie-Michelle for allowing me to feature her in my blog, for letting me use her images and answering my questions – I am forever amazed how forthcoming and generous people are when I randomly message them – thank you!

With the media, radio and television, seemingly broadcasting wall to wall Covid updates, I have turned more and more to podcasts…and a recently discovered one is The Lonely Palette…hosted by art historian Tamar Avisha. Each episode she ‘selects an ‘objet du jour’, interviews unsuspecting passers-by in front of it, and then dives deeply into the movement, the social context, the anecdotes, and anything and everything that will make it as exciting to you as it is to her…’

Image result for georges seurat a sunday on la grande jatte

A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte (1884) – Georges Seurat

The latest episode concerns the painting above by Georges Seurat…but the podcast episodes cover a wide variety of artists and artworks ranging from Mark Rothko, Mary Cassatt, Ansel Adams, Jasper Johns, Yoko Ono and Richard Serra… I have always loved history, and placing the work in context brings it so much more alive…. (One of my secret wishes is to go on a gallery tour of Florence with art critic and journalist Andrew Graham-Dixon….!!!!!)

‘On Nature

When you find yourself in gloom

Take time to watch Nature in bloom

The beauty around can give you delight

And your soul will slowly open to light!


Watch the loveliness of the clean azure sky

Enjoy the V formation of birds flying high

Sit back and listen to Nature’s delightful sounds

In her company, all your sadness drowns


Look at the trees with fluttering leaves

Feel the breeze that roams through fields

Count the bees that carry the cargo of honey

Thrilled you’ll be by Nature’s magic symphony!’

Valsa George

As ever, I hope you have found something of interest and to inspire you,

Take care,


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