My Stretch of River….

We all need places to go…to think, chill, watch the world go by… My place is the stretch of the River Soar…only yards away…

Although the drone of the A6 is ever-present, my little piece of river seems a world away… for the most part, gently meandering its way through the countryside – although there are times it tries to get a little too close..

The changing seasons bring a different feel to the river…from early morning winter serenity….

…to now, mid-summer…with cotton wool clouds floating by and the swaying reeds and nettles echoing the flow of the water..

…I took my coffee with me this morning and just sat…watching, listening….saying hello to the occasional passers by..

…watching the ever-changing reflections and ripples on the surface of the water..

…watching a dragonfly dance across the grass, the swallows, swoop and dive, skimming the water, and a common tern (I think…) hover, then plunge… Listening to the chattering of the swallows, the ‘clap, clap’…silent glide of the pigeons, interspersed with the increasingly agitated call of the walker calling her dog…who was having far too much fun digging in the undergrowth…

Along the river bank, the nettles and bindweed tangle with the rusty seed heads..

…and signs of the approaching autumn mark the passing of time..

…my place, my stretch of river…

..where is your special place, the place you go to, to sit, think, chill, watch the world go by….?