Sometimes It’s The Little Things…

It’s funny the things that can catch your eye….on our recent trip to Wales we took in the majesty of Snowdonia as well as the beauty of Anglesey, even if it was a little damp…

…but closer to our temporary home, overlooking the Menai Straits, it was the patterns in the mud flats at low tide along with the red marker buoys that took my interest…

…drawing inspired by…

…not sure if this will develop into anything but I am looking forward to investigating this area in the future…


Places to Inspire…..

One of our favourite ‘what if’s’,or maybe that should read ‘where would you go’ if you won the lottery, is deciding which part of the country we would most like to move to…. and we can never quite decide between the north Norfolk coast, the Yorkshire Dales or somewhere with mountains….

A recent drive home through Snowdonia brought my mountain loving soul back to the forefront…and I have spent some time playing around with collage and mixed media…

….the light dusting of snow adding to my delight….

….where would you go…..?

Patchings Art Festival….

Yesterday, Friday, saw myself and my other half take a trip to the Patchings Art Festival held at the Patchings Art Centre near Calverton, Nottinghamshire. Despite it being a cloudy, blustery day the marquees were full….

…there was music playing..

…and the sun did eventually make an appearance..

It was interesting wandering around the marquee where the artists had their stands and where some were doing demonstrations…..

Subjective as art is, there was obviously some work I preferred to others…. I particularly liked the approach and mixed media work of Ken Hurd…friendly guy and very generous with his tips and advice…. Claire Botterill was another artist whose work and techniques interested me.  I also watched Laura Boswell demonstrate her Japanese wood block printing… I particularly liked her linocut prints. Couldn’t figure out where I knew her name from until I read that she writes a regular column for the Artists and Illustrators magazine…I did purchase a couple of cards from her…as they say ‘every little helps…’

We also watched the Ann Blockley demonstration in the St. Cuthbert’s Mill ( I can’t seem to get the link to work here… their web address is Marquee…and very enjoyable and interesting it was too!!

There were also other exhibits/demonstrations going on around the ground for the long-suffering, not-so-art orientated partners including some beautiful bonsai trees..

..and glass-blowing..

..and an interesting Landscape Photography talk by RK Photographic

All in all….a good day….and, yes, I spent far too much….