Possibilities……& Deadlines……..

Yesterday brought an exciting invitation – to take part in an exhibition at Blue Owl Art in Grantham, Lincolnshire!! The theme of the exhibition is the landscape and I will be showing some of my most recent ink, watercolour and charcoal works….

I am continuing to produce my ‘Six in Twenty’ series; hopefully I will retain the spontaneity of this work and won’t be hampered by the knowledge they will be shown publicly….

So, along with producing new work, I will be considering which of my recent work to exhibit, producing a ‘catalogue’ list, sorting frames, artist statement….all the admin stuff…..

I will keep posting my progress and further details about the exhibition nearer the time….for now I am happy and nervous in equal measures!!!



Horses for Courses…..

There’s been some good news over this last week….and some not so good news….. and as a person who prefers to dwell on the good, I will quickly get the bad out of the way…..

I submitted the following image for an exhibition centred around drawing and line…

….unfortunately it wasn’t selected….. I console myself with the thought that it was perhaps a bit too traditional for the brief….

Now onto the more positive news – I must admit that I follow social media (a lot, perhaps too much) to keep an eye on what’s going on in the art world, to find new artists, new ideas…and it’s through social media that my bit of good news developed…

One of the sites I follow – artistscribbles – asked me to contribute an article about my work! This is a first for me having only written stuff for this blog or ‘blurb’ for any exhibitions I may have taken part in…must admit I was feeling a little daunted and excited in equal measures…. but I did it…..and produced ‘From soaring mountains….

…(& before anyone emails me,  yes I realise I missed the ‘e’ off creake…)

So that’s my good news…in the meantime I will plugging away at my ‘Six in Twenty’ efforts and see how they develop…