Some of the testimonials received at the recent Fine Art Degree show at Loughborough University for my piece ‘Connecting Threads’…

“A really interesting, appealing and well designed show. Great!”

“A serious piece of work – stands out. Wonderful.”

“This was by far the most creative and my favourite piece!”

“Creates a whole experience – interesting colours, textures, sounds and information. Charming. I can see it complimenting lots of different spaces in heritage settings. Thank you and well done.”

“Really interesting and engaging. The sense of something more is very evident. Well done.”

“Fantastic work – interesting, informative and engaging.”

“An incredible installation to experience…the colour and sound blew me away.”

“A lovely sensory installation! Just enough sound to evoke the atmosphere of the cotton mills.”

“Thought provoking and stimulation audio/visual experience. Thank you.”

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

    1. Hi Mike, So pleased you like my work! Some of the images are of work in my sketchbook so obviously not for sale. However, the recent images of work on Fabriano Artistico and Bockingford paper would be for sale if you are interested. If you need any further info let me know!

      Kind regards,
      Carolyn Roberts

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